‘String’ is a collection of 24 drawings divided into 8 sets, each presenting visual representations that capture the transitions between objects. These drawings elegantly depict the interplay of physical and abstract elements in relation to space and time. Rather than attempting to capture the entire process, each drawing captures specific fragments, offering glimpses into the intricate transitions taking place.

At the heart of this project lies the theme of movement, a concept open to multifaceted interpretations. While it vividly captures visible physical movements, it also delves into the realms of evolution and change from a chronological standpoint. To effectively convey these nuances, the artist has chosen vellum as the material for illustration. The semi-transparency of vellum unveils a spectrum of possibilities, aptly conveying the tensions that arise within transitional moments, while also preserving the ephemeral variations that gracefully evolve over time.

Contrary to conventional approaches, the creation of these works does not overtly reflect the artistic process. Instead, it embraces subtlety and tranquility, unveiling its essence through quiet contemplation. The project seeks to delve into the layers of stillness and movement, exploring their interdependence and inclusiveness within the confines of predetermined expectations and linear progression through time. Ultimately, it aims to offer viewers a profound and immersive experience, opening up new possibilities for introspection and contemplation.”

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Spreads from String

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