Light as Presence
–An exploration of Louis Kahn’s Architecture

This project explores the concept of Light in architecture through a process of experimentation and design exploration, drawing inspiration from Louis Kahn's philosophy. In line with Kahn's belief that all natural elements, including ourselves, are comprised of spent Light, resulting in material forms that cast shadows, this project seeks to capture the essence of Light.

The project employs a deliberate juxtaposition of black, gray, and white to create a visual interplay between positive and negative spaces. This interplay not only conveys the inherent tension within Kahn's concept of light but also serves as a medium for illustrating the structural system.

A key element of the project is the variation of the indent justification technique, which goes beyond being a mere visual language. It acts as a complex translation of architectural principles and also serves as a means of providing a steady rhythm for the reader's experience. By utilizing this technique, the project aims to engage the reader in an immersive journey, enabling them to interpret and understand the architectural concepts in a more profound and cohesive manner.

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